Morning Chai: Open-Carry Walmart, Blocking Cathay and More

On my mind: home in Minnesota. New TV for my parents, now I only buy for them same models of electronics as I have, simplifies remote troubleshooting.





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  • DaninMCI

    A day or two before the AR-15 carry story ran a customer at a Walmart near where I live was carrying a gun. He managed to help a woman and her kids getting car jacked by two criminals with guns. He shot one of the men and kept her and several others from being killed. While I don’t think “open carry” of a rifle at Walmart is a great idea it does make a point and is protected by the law.
    When guns are banned (like in school zones) it creates a “soft target” which is much more inviting to criminals or terrorist. For example I live in a rural area. I’d guess about 20% or maybe more of the people in my local small church are armed as we live in a concealed carry state. I don’t fear a person walking into a prayer service and shooting people much since would be 20, 30, 40 or more people with guns there to defend us.

  • Matt

    If you were elsewhere in the US, would you truly fear a person walking into a prayer service and shooting people? If so – how do you manage the day to day risks of life in general?

  • Farnorthtrader

    Sorry Dan, but your story doesn’t work. All that person did was shoot someone to protect against a car being stolen. Carjackers steal cars, they don’t kill the car’s owners and several others as you would have people believe to justify your position. Your “hero” used excessive force to stop the theft of a car. The value of a car is not equivalent to the value of a human life, not even a car thief’s life.