Polynesian Sailing at Hawaiian Airlines Liberty Challenge Today 6/11 New York and on to New England

I intended to post this earlier, instead I slept 15 hours yesterday from the hotel AC cold and brutal Africa trip I just took.

The Hawaiian Airlines Liberty Challenge is today, June 11, 2016 at New York’s Pier 26. Festivities continue into the evening and entrance is free, so if you see this and are interested, head on over.

Hawaiian Airlines Liberty Challenge

The Polynesian Voyaging Society’s canoe Hōkūle is in port for the event. They will be in New York through next week with activities at Governors Island, then continuing up into New England for the summer. See updates on stops and events here.

Hokulea East Coast Voyage

Harking back to days long before flight this a fantastic way to see life of early explorers.

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