Boxing Day Giveaway: Delta Swag Bag

We are in Canada enjoying our first Boxing Day.

Here’s a Delta swag bag for Delta a Delta fan boy or girl. All my Delta-branded goodies out the door to a deserving recipient.

Delta Swag Bag

Share your Delta tip, joke, compliment, complaint, anything family-friendly Delta (even though Delta hates families, and America, and capitalism).

Deadline for comment is Monday, December 28 at 23:59 EST. Comment email field must contain valid email address for potential winners to receive notification. One entry person. A valid email address in the comment form is required to notify the potential winner who must respond to accept within 72 hours of notification. US entrants/addresses only.


And the draw goes to #26, Denise. Thanks to all for spreading some holiday cheer even if Delta is too often Scrooge.

Delta Swag Bag 201512128

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  • Nom

    Delta staff at SFO and JFK don’t know Puerto Rico is part of the US. Bad side: I get asked for my passport when a driver’s license would do. Good side: I got free lounge access as a GM/PM! Thanks Delta and PR’s ambiguous status!

  • William

    Delta stocks Woodford Bourbon on flights, order it.

  • Joseph N.

    My Delta tip is do not try to collect Skymiles, as people sometimes try to do. If you want to fly Delta, great, but don’t bother getting caught up with collecting the miles. Delta has made it a complete PITA when it comes to redemption time. That includes the Delta American Express cards. Don’t waste your time & money.

    My Delta complaint is that they do not discipline bad employees. I’m sure we’ve all seen youtube video of Delta employees mistreating customers, including those who hide their name tag from the cameras. What is a name tag for? If an employee hides the name tag because he/she knows they are misbehaving, there is no excuse, none, for Delta not firing that employee. Hiding your name tag should be a firing offense, irregardless of the circumstances.

  • Daniel

    Delta started flying direct to HNL from MSP in late October. Unlimited Mai Tai’s in Comfort +.

  • Daniel

    Delta started flying direct to HNL from MSP in late October.

  • Jim F.

    I agree with William; the Woodford is good and AFAIK, unique to Delta. Besides that, I bow to AA’s recognition of Delta’s operational excellence. Otherwise Delta has demonstrated a predilection for returning customer loyalty with airline contempt!

  • David

    I recently traveled through fco and found the delta ga’s there somewhat rude and unfriendly.

  • JRG

    Ummm… takes a lot of miles to flly for free in First Class on Delta….

  • Rich T

    I am a 2MM, but on my last ATL to SFO flight I was 86th in line for upgrade….

  • Bob

    Never had a problem with delta

  • Stacy

    As a Gold AA I’ve never been upgraded to. 1st flight on Delta during status challenge, I was upgraded to 1st. Go figure!

  • Jjmpdx

    In Delta’s defense: They fly to a llot of places I want to go!

  • Diego

    Woodford Reserve always makes my travels on Delta that much more pleasant.

  • Andrew Vu

    DELTA-Don’t Expect Your Luggage to Arrive!

  • Paul
  • john

    The gingerbread cookies in some of the Sky Clubs this month were really good.

  • SH

    First flight in Delta One (MSP-AMS). FAs were fantastic… if only RA cared as much about loyalty.

  • be sure to check out deltas partner Alaska airlines pancake machine in the boadroom lounge

  • phill gold

    my tip is to find another airline. i was loyal for 6+ years and have now depleted all my skypesos and skybonus and shopping around for another airline that will take me and love me.


  • Steve

    Flying Delta as a Diamond Medallion has its benefits however also has it headaches!

  • Jack

    Everyone keeps complaining about Delta but they still want a Delta goodie bag – I think some people will keep flying Delta and keep complaining Not very logical but shows what a good airline Delta is

  • Joey

    at JFK I prefer to checkin at terminal 2 for shorter lines and then use jfk jitney to go to terminal 4 post security.

  • Nom

    TSA Precheck + SKY priority makes the lines almost non-existent, even in terminal 4.

  • Michael

    You never know what kind of deal you might run into in any of the airlines, it is so much fun!

  • r hirsch

    write delta sky clubs a fair and honest review, whether positive or negative, after a visit. you might be pleasantly surprised at the results. they are desperate for any and all feedback.

  • Kelly Sargent

    hard to use Delta miles out of San Antonio to anywhere… they want too much.

  • Denise

    Love Delta’s on-time performance. I find them very dependable.

  • Eric Lieberman

    Delta has a cheaper flight PHL-LHR than AA or BA but it is a 757 for goodness sake…Hard to a biz calss ticket on that plane vs a 777,,,

  • Kathy

    I fly Delta sometime when I need to.

  • Minister Roddre Massey

    I am and my family were flying from Dubai to GSP earlier this year aboard Delta 7 in economy plus. It was time for the meal service to begin and the flight attendant asked me the all important question of what I wanted to eat and I of course in return asked her what were they serving. She then looked at me as though I had asked the million dollar question of the night and I can see why as she herself didn’t know the menu and had to ask the other flight attendant who also didn’t know the menu. Needless to say, we all had a good laugh and I was able to select the always famous chicken to which my daughter didn’t even like. That is my delta story for you. God bless

  • Max M

    Priced DL awards two days ago, and noticed that besides Coach, and Premium Cabin, on some routes, there is now pricing just for Comfort Plus awards— and these were domestic awards.

  • J.

    On time.

  • Buvan

    Travelled to Miami from Atlanta. Its ok journey at Atlanta neither good nor bad.

  • mike

    Delta? Never flown it. But I like the bags 😉

  • Harlan

    Delta Diamond line agents are generally awesome!

  • Pam

    Had to think hard for this challenge. Skyclub at F Atlanta is worth the hike (or train ride) if you have time to spare. Nice outdoor deck and much nicer than clubs at the other gates.

  • Ling

    Delta- Don’t Ever Leave The Airport

  • Maya

    Although Delta’s revenue based approach is not favorable, I still like the Delta’s in-flight entertainment and foods the best compared to United, or American. Also I think the food in Sky Club got upgraded recentlly.

  • TJ

    Delta, for the rich at heart

  • Rachel S.

    Client called me from LAX airport trying to check in with AF. Booked in business with assigned seats that I personally called AF for reserving. AF gate agent insisted the seats were not there even after I confirmed them with AF while on the line with the AF gate agent. Moral of story, AF is not known for a seamless connectivity with DL and their gate agents have the “True” French indifference. Customer service not a top priority with their front line personnel.

  • Javier

    Delta leads in devaluating benefits for its loyal customers. Monkey see, monkey do (I’m looking at you United!)

  • Brian

    On my first business trip after my son was born, the pilot gave me a set of wings to give to my son!

  • Gaurav

    Don’t know their own sky team partners… Saudia… Never heard of them! 🙂

  • Karen

    Just cleaned out my skymiles. Will be flying on an as need basis.

  • Eric B

    Gotta love the Delta Biscoff cookies!

  • bhanik

    Flew Delta once for a flight to India and got enough miles for one way saver within 48 states 🙂

  • Linda

    I like Delta!

  • Chantelle Walker

    Delta may have misplaced my cousins bag for a few hours 😉 lol