Check US Bank FlexPerks Promos for Holiday Spend Offers

Update 2: René found a working link for 12 free Gogo passes for all FlexPerks cards.

The US Bank FlexPerks PromoSite occasionally has good targeted offers. Today I was alerted to an offer for 2,500 points for $2,000 spend by 12/31, no category restriction. Usually these offers differ by account.

FlexPerks Holiday 2015

With regular 3x on charity, this is a good option for end-of-year giving.

Note that US Bank bonuses usually post 1-2 or more statements after promotion close so don’t bother looking too soon and don’t bother with the spend if you soon plan to cancel the card.

Check FlexPerks PromoSite to see if you have an offer.

Update: René of rebranded René’s Points immediately tweeted to show off his $500 for 3,000 points offer.


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