Chai Digest: Putin’s Amnesty, Expo in Milan and more



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  • Robert

    Mr. Chai: because my grandfather died to guve us the right to insult, or praise, our president in the U.S.–your heroes in red don’t get that privilege. Now, get back to reading your NYT.

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Robert – sorry to reply a bit slow, just finished my morning WSJ. I read many world papers to see a range of news, perspectives, and ideas. I am on a number of email threads with die-hard birthers, for awhile the discussion drifted to substantive politics, but lately has drifted back to the most vehement attacks in such a personal, wounded voice that I found a similar thread in the NYT piece. Obama is a flawed politician, like presidents before him, each I have elements of policy I support and those I don’t. Maybe my historic perspective is too short but there does seem a marked difference in the attacks on him than those on recent presidents of both parties. When so many voices seem intent on destruction rather than finding ways to strengthen the country and society, I exercise my right as a citizen to worry, and speak, too, protected by your and many of our grandfather’s.

  • Muerl

    It used to be there was availability xLAX on AirNZ in Y at 330 ( booked some almost exactly 2 years ago) It doesn’t look the IAH-> AKL is loaded yet (article says ‘in may’)

    If you want to fly there 787-9 there is availability in march PVG->AKL 😉

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Muerl – good tips, never flown then, that PVG-AKL fits my travel patterns. 🙂