Changes to Delta Pre-2015 Award Tickets Now Re-Price Entire Ticket

Delta SkyMiles 2015 is live with one-way award pricing, no free stopovers, and no round-the-world tickets. Many of us booked our last stopover tickets in the waning hours of 2014. Hold times for the RTW desk exceeded 6 hours.

Delta stopovers

Running with Miles shows the good with the bad, including retaining exorbitant Europe origination charges one-ways starting in Europe, so those originating elsewhere should book rountrips or open-jaws where possible.

I booked a last stopover ticket for Thanksgiving 2015. Only problem was the booking calendar was deviously only open to Friday, November 27 and we wanted Sunday, November 29. So we booked Nov 21 outbound (stop), Nov 26 destination, Nov 27 return. Issued at roundtrip pricing.

Today, January 2, the calendar for Nov 29 opened and we tried to push the Nov 27 to Nov 29.

To my disappointment, if not entire surprise, the system and the ticketing agents all insisted it ran as repricing the entire ticket, and so now collecting the extra miles under the new 2015 rules. This is frustrating because pre-2015 if you touched one-half of the ticket it did not reprice the other half.

We also tried canceling the return. No dice. They would only refund the one-way price less the stopover one-way price.

I had thought about dedicating the last days and hours of 2014 to mapping out all my 2015 trips but with dates and routing so difficult for me to pin down in advance, I let it go. Glad that I did as I would either be locked in with no changes, pay up, or abandon the tickets.

Readers, anyone having success changing stopover tickets and not re-pricing?

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  • augias

    not canceling just the return is what’s most awful — surely if you keep calling back you might get somebody who’s willing to do at least that?

  • Dan

    I faced similar difficulties. There was a very obvious lack of low level inventory available, but I ultimately found something that worked for me. I’m down to < 1k DL miles now…

  • Ken Y.

    If I have a roundtrip with stopover award that has already commenced (and the stopover taken), if I cancel the return now, will I get 50 % back?

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    Ken Y – I have wondering that and not yet heard a report. If my trip weren’t Thanksgiving (and with my wife) I might roll the dice. The problem as often is agents won’t disobey their system and it seems everything switched over Jan 1, no legacy treatment.

  • Can you please file a bbb complaint?

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @shay peleg – it is not a process I understand, so I will look into it.

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