United Club 2 Passes Giveaway

Fall tidying turned up 2 United Club one-time passes that expire 11/30/14.

Please share what’s on your mind travel-wise in a comment on this post by Saturday, October 25 at 23:59 EDT.

Comment email field must contain valid email address for potential winners to receive notification. A potential winners of 2 passes will be selected at random and notified by email on Sunday, October 26 and posted here. A valid email address in the comment form is required to notify the potential winner who must respond to accept by Wednesday, October 29 at 23:59 EDT. With tight timing I want to get those out as fast as possible. Available to US entrants/addresses only.


And the draw goes to #18, Chris, who wrote: Time for a Veterans’ Day tour of the newest United Club at SFO!

United Club Passes 26Oct14

Thanks to all for sharing.

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  • Candace

    I am flying in November on United and I am concerned with how the airlines are handling Ebola and other communicable diseases. How much of the plane’s surfaces are actually sanitized?

  • Karl P

    I am wondering what next big points bonus is coming up for credit card sign ups. I have reached my last spending minimum so I am ready to acquire a new card!

  • Jennifer Nguyen

    Will be traveling on Nov 3 and 10!

  • EllenLV

    I am flying on United and US Airways in November, I am concerned about the sanitation of the planes. I am hopeful the planes are cleaned thoroughly and disinfected.

  • Jamie

    Having all these points makes it hard to focus on a single plan. First world problems.

  • Jordan

    Heading doing SFO>AMS>BUD>AMS>NRT>SFO for thanksgiving with my girlfriend. Worried about planning stuff to do in BUD and NRT, so much research to do so little time!

  • Jon

    Always check in at the 24 hour mark because better seats open up

  • CycloneHog

    I want to know what frequent flyer programs will look like in 2015 and beyond

  • Beck

    Was in LGA and checked out new Centurion Lounge today. Very nice food spread, nice ambiance. Overall a nice change from typical airport lounge.

  • Randy

    Heading back on UA to the midwest on November 21 to see my mom, and would love to have use of the SFO lounge. Thanks for your generosity.

  • Kay

    Unfortunately, Ebola and airline industry and passenger safety

  • Manufactured spending, when treated as residual income, almost becomes an investment vehicle in and of itself.

  • Shannon

    United club at Boston is one of the best in U.S..the only problem is it closes at 7 pm while many flights leaving after that. Why the United lounge can’t open until the last flight, just like most airlines do?

  • Jack

    I’m hoping that irrational panic will make travel prices drop. Also, I’m headed to Boston soon and after seeing Shannon’s comment I would love to check out the United Lounge there

  • Brett

    Im going to Amsterdam the night before thanksgiving because I work for a European company that doesnt recognize US holidays. Seems like a pretty great time for a meeting. If you can spare a united pass id love one

  • Chris

    if I could have made United 1k if I had chosen to fly them all year instead of *A partners

  • maria

    Istanbul in March!

  • Chris

    Time for a Veterans’ Day tour of the newest United Club at SFO!

  • Chris K

    I am headed to Orlando with some friends and a pass would be of prefect use in a few weeks. Thanks!

  • Samuel

    Whether or not to buy new luggage

  • Scott

    What precautions I should take, if any, while traveling in the age of Ebola

  • JRG

    Headed to Vegas 7-10 Nov; they have a UAL club there!

  • Christian

    Getting ready for a flight to SFO from HNL

  • Dan

    Concerns about ebola are so overblown. Will airline food ever get good?

  • Bryan

    Heading to LHR, would like to see the new club in T2!

  • Art


  • Nick F.

    I weighing what sort of zero risk small business I can start so I can apply for business cards with a clear conscience.

  • Marc

    The passes will make Thanksgiving travel stink a little bit less

  • Sam

    Aruba ..here I come!

  • Aptraveler

    Looking forward to returning to SIN in November & flying United & ANA 787 on the return. It should be nice!

  • Dani

    Southeast Asia to visit wife and the family!

  • Angie W

    Aruba and Vietnam in November. What’s currently on my mind is that I hope I will not be onboard with any Ebola carrier!

  • Jason

    I’m learning how to travel light and try to always have carry on when traveling to multiple destinations with multiple stopovers or layovers, it helps to avoid baggage fees, baggage delay or lost baggage.

  • John

    On my mind is whether to change up my hotel loyalty in 2015.

  • Alex

    Big mileage run coming up! Would love a few passes to shower off at EWR between flights.

  • Fred

    Hoping my upcoming Barbie Jet flight gets an upgauge to at least an Embraer.

  • Jon

    As a 1k member, Is getting a status match and breaking away from United in 2015 my best strategy?