“Welcome Aboard! We Hope You Don’t Have to Use This”

I have given Kenya Airways some ribbing at times, and transferring at their Nairobi hub was bad enough pre-fire. My recent flights from Amsterdam – Nairobi – Moroni, Comoros were pleasant and caused me to reassess.

A bit of humor always helps. Their cheeky air sickness bag puts a smile on passengers as they settle into their seats.
Kenya Airways Air Sickness Bag

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  • Joey

    Unless you’re ghetto IFE! 😉 BTW, how was Moroni? I know they’re islands within the Indian Ocean along the eastern coast of Africa, but is it similar to one of those resort beach places like Seychelles/Maldives/Tahiti? Also, whenever I see Moroni, I can’t help but think of Mormons.

  • Sheila

    We need a trip report from you on these unique exotic places!

  • dale m

    I came within spitting distance of using Kenya Air this past summer to transit on to points south, and would have been caught up in the mess at Nairobi with the terminal fire that very week. It also didn’t help (decision process) that they’d pulled out of several major airports in the months previous, London and Paris (?) among them as I recall, so reviews and advice were not positive. You are a brave guy!

  • @Joey – Moroni does have some beaches, and it looked like 2 resorts of mid-level standard. The infrastructure and conditions are quite terrible, the heat is about the worst I have experienced, and the attractions very limited. Given the cost, limited flights, and better options, I would not recommend it to anyone by a country collector.

    @Sheila – the grinding traffic and fumes of junker cars in Madagascar got me rather sick, totally stuffed up now from the flight over to Mauritius. I will try to catch up when I get back next week. I still have Mauritius, Rodrigues and Reunion, a day each.

    @dale m – they currently fly Amsterdam, London and Paris. The terminal fire knocked out the non-business class lounge so SkyTeam elites are being given food at a snack counter rather than being let in to the crowded business class lounge. They are not great, especially business class is weak, but I don’t travel to fly, I travel to get someone, and no one else with any of my miles and points could get me to the Comoros.

  • Air New Zealand is worse – they put “vomit bag” in like 50 languages then in English underneath they put “however you say it it all comes out the same. please use this bag and not your carry on” 🙂