Elite Programs Rake Us, Discover Shows Appreciation

Delta Diamond and Million Miler. Stealth award devaluation.

United 1K. Another devaluation.

Hyatt, well, you get the idea, at least they promptly sent emails to all members. Hey Delta, still waiting for that. Just posting on FlyerTalk does not constitute proper notice.

Discover. Cardmember since June. A few hundred in spend. They just sent me a nice card and a $5 Starbucks gift card. “We’re so glad to have you as a customer.”

The power of a token gesture to put a smile on a customer. Even that is beyond some travel companies.

Discover Starbucks Gift

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  • A typo in the title.

  • @Kalboz – thanks, fixed.

  • Kim

    Discover only sent me stickers to label Christmas gifts. Guess they don’t appreciate me as much….

  • @Kim – I am hot stuff until I hear someone got $10.

  • Jamie

    Wow, I will be eagerly awaiting the mail today. I hope I at least get some stickers. My discover card is the first card I ever had. In fact, I got my discover card in college before I even had a checking account (just a savings acct). I paid the first bill with a money order.
    That’s got to at least get me some stickers. But I really would love a starbucks card. I just read how you can order something approximating a “butter beer” and am thinking of trying it out. I’d love to be that person saying, “Can I have a grande whole milk steamer, with two shots of caramel, two shots of toasted nut toffee, two shots of cinnamon dolce syrup, with whip and salted caramel sprinkles on top?” If only I could drive a land rover through the drive through it would be perfect.

  • @Jamie – that sounds spectacular, I hope Discover shows you some love, too. I wonder if they are sending to all cards or only it card holders, since the packaging was all in the it faux-blue/gray metallic style.

  • Jamie

    I ordered one this morning using my free birthday drink. Unfortunately it was delicious. I say unfortunately because by the time I finished ordering there was quite a queue behind me (though they did all seem good natured about it). it was good enough that I will probably endure the embarrassment of ordering it again.