Credit Card and Bank Bonuses eBook Free Through 6/28 from PFDigest

Personal Finance Digest delves into the world of credit cards in clear, sensible way. I love the more obscure items that few others know or cover.

Nick has written a great introduction book that teaches beginner’s in a systematic way, with plenty of tips for the advanced. Go to Amazon for your free download through 6/28 of I Love Banks: How to Increase Your Wealth and See the World with Credit Card Bonuses and Bank Freebies.

I did a quick skim during lunch and noted a number of areas for further close reading, from Dining Rewards network partners I had never seen, to excellent coverage on business cards and their savings programs, up to even mortgage flipping. There is an important chapter on pitfalls and risks that everyone should study. The book format does this in a systematic way difficult for blog format. Give it a read.

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