Flash Gogo 24-Hour Pass Giveaway, Code Expires 6/30

I have a Gogo 24-Hour Pass from my MilePoint Premium Membership that I overlooked. It expires with June, so I am hoping a reader can benefit from my oversight. Good on AA, AC, AS, DL, F9, FL, UA, US or VX airlines.

Leave a comment on this post by 1:00 pm EDT today, June 26, 2013 mentioning something travel-related that expired without you being able to use it. The email field in the comments must contain a valid email address for me to notify the potential winner. I cannot update posts at work so will rely on email. Potential winner will be drawn from eligible entries using random.org at 1 pm. Email notification will be sent immediately, and again at 3 pm to try to mitigate SPAM folder issues. If I do not receive reply confirmation by 5 pm, I will draw another, which will have a corresponding for 4-hour block, and so on in 4-hour blocks. Please don’t make me stay up all night. I want to get this code in the hands of someone who can use it in this short time.


And the winner is #7, Mark R, who wrote, “Lost a Delta Reserve companion pass to expiration.” Reminds me I have one that expires 9/30, yikes!

Gogo Code 26Jun13

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  • Ryan

    In 2003, I was flying in and out of NYC a lot for work, and American has a promotion over a period of months where for every 4-8 round trips out of NYC, you’d get a system-wide voucher. Well, I earned 3 of them, and then forgot about them. The next summer, I realized I still had them and I checked on the terms- the trip had to be completed by the end of June 2004, which was only 10 days away. So I called my brother and we took off within 48 hours to travel to Peru for a week, but unfortunately, my third ticket expired without being used because I couldn’t find anyone else who could use it on such short notice. My brother and I had a great time in Peru, but any wasted travel opportunities are still a bummer.

    Also, I like the blog name- I’m not a coffee drinker, but for me, Chai feels like home during the holidays.

  • Mike

    My US Airways companion certificates expire every year! Still haven’t used one.

  • Mark

    I’d love to have this for my flight to LAX next month!

  • Bruce Rubin

    Flying to Spain tomorrow and could use this on my long domestic leg. Thanks!

  • @Mark – please not the pass expires 6/30.

  • Smitty06

    I let 5k spirit miles expire. Seemed I never got around to wanting to use them.

  • Mark R.

    Lost a Delta Reserve companion pass to expiration.

  • Larry

    Delta Companion certificate. I always seem to forget to use them. This would be perfect to win since I have a flight on 6/29 from Dallas to New York.

  • Neer Shah

    Im flying delta!

  • Neer Shah

    Im flying delta! So all of my miles are always in danger of expiration!

  • jpgisbd

    Delta companion certificate and US airways lounge pass. I am Delta hostage

  • Eric Barreto

    I emailed one day late to have to request a bump in the bonus of my Chase Sapphire card a few years back. I got 50,000 but others were reporting being matched to 100,000 UR points with a quick email to customer service. I procrastinated one day too long before the easy points dried up.

  • Jon

    JetBlue points

  • joel a.

    airline drink certificate.

  • bob

    I’d love to have this for my flight to BOS next month

  • carol

    United lounge access pass and airline drink coupons