Squeaky Overhead Bin on a Delta 777-200 Business Elite (Video)

Moderate turbulence the whole 13 hours from Shanghai to Detroit. This darn overhead bin squeaked the whole time.

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  • Chinese torture? I think any blogger who had more than 5 ink bold posts in the last week should be subject to this for 5 weeks, one for each post

  • cedarglen

    Wow! That’s the mo st exciting video I’ve seen this year. It is almost as much fun was watching paint dry. Great job. A slow week for content?

  • @cedarglen – well, it can’t be said that the title was misleading. I try to have a sense of humor about travel, and to throw an occasional bone to airplane geeks.

  • #firstworldproblems


    Did you try to get up and see if you could fix the noise problem?

  • @Grant – that sound fit into the category of sounds like baby cries that is indefeatable by ear plugs or headphones, and impossible to ignore once in your head. Quite amusing in it’s persistent annoyance.

  • Gene

    But were the FAs smoking in the bathroom?

  • Perhaps someone snuck a gerbil on? Sounds like one of those handy rubber seals between the bins needed a refresh.

  • Sad really… sometimes it is better to not say anything… this annoys you??? And you deem it fit to blog about? What do you do if you have an actual problem, like your octo-vegan meal was served at the wrong temperature???

  • Linda T

    Sorry, but that is super annoying! The bin noise, not the blog post…

  • So I see the attempt at a little levity did not work for all, just trying to have a little fun with the quirks of travel, no rant, no entitled complaining, did not bother the FAs or demand miles. I was wondering who was having the party up there and and why I wasn’t invited.

  • Stephan

    Wow some uber serious people here who are wound a tad tight apparently! Nice try at levity, but it seems lost on some here. Why didn’t someone wedge something in between the edges? That would have driven me nuts…