More Delta ‘Have One on Us’ coupons – today only

The Mrs has a tolerance-hate relationship with the blog. Last night in a moment of magnanimity she dug out 2 Delta ‘Have One on Us’ coupons, expiring 12/31/12, and is offering them to readers.

These will be given away in a set of 2 because she reminds that spouses/partners should not be left out.

The Giveaway:

Leave a comment on this post with a story about how you greeted your partner/spouse, or were greeted, after a trip leaving the other at home. If no partner/spouse, tell something about when you came home from a trip.

(Someday, if I get permission, I will tell a story, one of the most touching of our relationship, from when I was commuting between New York and Beijing, arriving back in New York one Friday evening after 4 weeks away.)

One entry per person. The comment should include a valid email address for verification of winners. Comments must be submitted by Friday, November 30, 2012 at 23:59 EST. Comments that do not conform to the requirements will be disqualified. The winner will be selected with the random number generator at, the winning number corresponding to comment number. The winner will be posted in a subsequent blog post and updated on this post. The winner will need to provide a US mailing address to Rapid Travel Chai to receive the prize (sorry, no non-US addresses). Rapid Travel Chai has no financial relationship with Delta Airlines.

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  • Here’s a story: several years ago while I was studying abroad in China, I met a classmate who was as addicted to traveling as I was! We traveled all over China together along with some other classmates from all over the world. This guy’s name’s Stefan 🙂

  • Dave Golden

    When my wife came home from a long trip to visit her parents in Dallas, I squeezed her buttocks and gave her a big kiss. Then when we got home, the dog “booped” her with his nose and our pet rabbit stomped her feet because she has an attitude and wants to be fed. The rabbit is in charge of the house, and what she says goes, so my wife promptly got the bag of veggies and fed the rabbit.

  • P T

    My tale could not be published. Suffice it to say Hubby was happy to see me and it involved flowers and sparkling wine! Thanks for a great blog.

  • @Caitlin – so many great memories and I may be heading to Shanghai in a couple weeks for business, my first thought for the weekend was to head to Longhu Shan but it won’t be the same without the crew!

  • David

    Flowers – it’s amazing what they can do.

    Thanks for the blog.

  • P S

    Received hand made cards from the kids and a kiss from hubby and a perfectly spotless clean house!

  • Steve

    I opened up our favorite bottle of wine, to let it decant, and cleaned our entire apartments spotless. I then drove to the airport with our two dogs, and met her with flowers. After traveling all day there is a lot to be said for coming home to clean place, and great bottle of wine.

  • amusing

    Cleaned up the house, kids finished homework, took the wife out for a dinner

  • Truthiness

    Surprised my then girlfriend, now fiancée, by flying back on an earlier flight, going immediately to her place while she was still at work and when she can home, I was waiting with champagne, flowers, chocolate and an engagement ring. She was thrilled!

  • Mark P

    I always get face licks from my dog when I return.

  • Caleb

    My dog always freaks out when headers the suitcases coming out. He tries everything… Laying on me, laying on clothing, laying on suitcases… but, inevitably, he has to go to the dog sitter.

    When I return, you would think he had been cast out on the street! He usually runs and jumps on me, and can barely contain himself as I load him in the car. When we get home, he licks me until my face is soaked, and then he gets a treat. Best part of coming home, for sure!

  • Spencer F

    This is when we had just started dating, but my wife was coming home from Canada after having laser eye surgery and her roommate picked her up. There in the passenger’s seat was were some flowers from me and a CD with the song “Sunglasses at Night” burned on it 10 straight times (since she had to wear the sunglasses at night due to the surgery). She married me so I guess it worked!

  • deltaplat

    My wife likes it hot, and I like it cold. When we’re home together we coexist in a narrow zone of temperature compromise. One time I walked in the front door after a trip in the middle of summer and she was lying on the couch with a blanket and no AC on. The temperature in the house was 80! It didn’t stay that way for long though…

  • Embla

    When one of my family members returns to Honolulu from a trip, even a very brief one to another island, I always enlist the rest of the family to give them the whole cheesy Hawaiian welcome shebang at the airport, complete with flower lei, hula dances, ukulele strumming, and excessive use of the words Aloha and Mahalo. It’s perhaps overly silly and certainly conducted entirely without seriousness, but it’s never failed to humor and entertain the returning family member. 🙂

  • @RapidTravelChai Oh Longhu Shan was great! Was that the trip where we rode on the back of motorcycles in the rain? Funny, I was just talking to my mom today about going back for Shanghai for a visit. I took my sister there 2 years ago for Expo, and she HATED it 🙁

  • @Caitlin, it was indeed!

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