Citi Hilton HHonors Reserve Card + 2-browser trick = Wife double weekend happiness

So many keystrokes spilled over the new Citi® Hilton HHonors™ Reserve Card but not on what I wanted to know (yes that’s my affiliate link that pays me a commission) . Yes, yes, it’s a good card, more strengths than weaknesses, but that’s all been said to excess.

What I wanted to know was, can I double down?

Citi HHonors Reserve Double

2 by 2 they come

The 2 browser trick for Citi AA cards and the Citi® Hilton HHonors™ Visa Signature® Card is well publicized, and Million Mile Secrets has the definitive post (another affiliate link if you want to support Rapid Travel Chai; if you prefer another 10k points, go here).

Weekend trips are often known as my “washing away guilt” trips, this weekend is the third in a consecutive series of Toronto, Florida Keys, and Prince Edward Island. Clearing out the guilt backlog and trying to build up some credit.

So two Reserve Cards mean two weekend trips. I probably should have thought a bit harder about how to meet the minimum spend when I have other things going on, but heck, I took the plunge.

On August 8 I did classic 2 browser, even lazily using same email address for both. If Citi ever asks I am within bounds to say that they do not have a business version and I need one for personal and one for business.

Both were instantly approved, it had been a year since any Citi apps. Both the same credit limit. Merged into one credit pull.

Next day, August 9, it got a bit odd. I received one ‘congratulations – you’re card has been approved’ email but nothing at all on the second. About a week later the first card arrived and still nothing on the second.

I have a ‘no call’ rule for Citi. Every interaction is a swelter of confusion. So I waited.

August 20 I get the next congrats email with a different last four digits.

And today, August 23, the second card arrived. Double Gold status anyone? 双喜

Now about that minimum spend…anyone passing through NYC have a dinner of a few grand that you can hand over a wad of cash and I put the tab on the cards? 8)

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  1. […] Originally Posted by caGALINDO For anyone without the Citi AAs, SPG, or Sapphire those are def. a must get I think the Reserves are better deal but I don't want so many fees simultaneously… probably get them next churn. I haven't seen data of people getting 2x Reserves that would be an insanely good deal. I woud get the Hyatt Visa if you plan on staying at a Hyatt next year. I read it somewhere, I did a quick search on my phone and this one popped up.…end-happiness/ […]

  • charles

    Do not understand why the Citi Reserve card is better than the previous Citi card you mentioned. the reserve card gives you 2 free nights, but the other card gives you 50K points.

  • ASen

    The two free nights can be worth 100K points. However the no fee and low spending requirement of the normal card makes it a winner

  • Karl Mitchell

    The no fee Amex Hilton card beats the Citi no fee one easily. Spend bonuses are considerably better for much the same perks.

  • Mike

    Theres no such thing as 2 browser trick people. You can apply one at a time. I really wish ppl would call it a trick. Citi allows two same or similar cards as long as your credit history meets their requirement.

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  • @charles – my solution is to have all types of Hilton cards.

    @Mike – I used the term “two browser trick” since that is the most commonly used term.

  • Congrats Stefan and good to know

  • I’d be very curious to know how the two sets of certificates are deposited into your account once you reach the minimum spend requirement!

  • Me too!

  • Phil

    This card is DEFINITELY not exciting enough to get two of. Better off getting one virgin Atlantic card for 100k points.
    @mike – thank you!!!!!! Glad someone finally pointed out this baloney “trick”. Like all magicians the trick is making the hoards believe its a trick

  • PedroNY

    Thanks for the update, keep us posted about nights deposit in your account.

    I agree it is not either/or, why not apply for both, AMEX and Cities. Also hit up VA card and Hawaii Air for more Hilton points. Wait a few months and do it again. If you have a spouse, then double down, you are going to share that room anyway.



  • Albert Chung

    has anyone tried tripling down?

  • @Albert Chung – my understanding is that Citi does not approve more than 2 personal cards, of any type, at one time. People have tried triple, I believe have even tried quad, and I am not aware of any success stories.

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  • Albert Chung

    i will apply through your link once you have hit the spend on both cards and confirmed you will get both sets of bonus. my credit has taken a dent lately, i dont have any upcoming travel plans to use (where there are expensive hiltons chains) so i can wait a bit, who knows maybe they may waive the annual fee for the first year as a limited time promo. anyway, shoot me an email when you do confirm both sets (4 nights) appear in your hh account (not sure how you “see” them) and i will apply via your link. thanks.

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  • @Albert Chung – many thanks, I will let you know how it plays out, may need most of the 4 months to hit the spend for both.

  • Bob Gilbert

    Did you end up receiving 4 free weekend nights?

  • @Bob Gilbert – I am still working through the minimum spends…I don’t seem to have the ability to blow through thousands like many of the other bloggers. 😉 I may hit them with the next cycles and will update as soon as I can.

  • Al

    How about now? I am itching to sign up for the card, but only if the 2 browser trick works (in the sense that it gets 4 certs)

  • Al

    Any update?

  • @Al – got my certs by email for the first one, just cleared the spend on the second and the statement closes 11/6 so will call to confirm, last time they confirmed over the phone and then the certs took a couple weeks, as they said they would.

  • Al


  • Al

    continuing drumroll…….

  • @Al – sorry for my delay, I get back to the US Sun and will call Mon, last time they verbally confirmed and then the certs were emailed a couple weeks later.

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  • Carlos


  • Ok, I called, Citi says that I met the requirement and that they sent the info to Hilton on 11/5 which was the statement date for when I met the spend requirement. Last time it took 2-3 weeks to receive the certs by email so I will update when I receive them, but it looks like should not be an issue.

  • Al


    You mind giving us another update in 2-3 weeks when you get the actual certificate? I will surely be going for the 40k diamond perk, but since its tracked by calendar year, I don’t have a rush (even though I am itching to sign up!!!)

  • Xavier

    Any update? Thanks.

  • @Xavier – not received the certs yet.

  • Anxiously waiting…drumroll in the background.

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  • Steve

    I’m keeping an eye on this one too. Be fun to know what happens 🙂

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  • Al

    Chai I am ready to sign up now. Just tell me when you get the remaining 2 certs and I will pull the trigger. Thanks.

  • @Al – still nothing, I will have to call.

  • Al


    You will be happy to know I applied for it just now via 2 browser trick (one through your link), got app ID, and had to call up 2 separate times to get both approved. Woo Hoo! I would still like to know that you got your 2nd set of certs though? Cuz if you run into issues, I may do something slightly different, such as change my HHonors number on one of the accounts or something (in the rare chance the restriction is on Hilton’s end. Thanks.

  • Called Citi today, they reconfirmed the certs should be on the way, it is now week 5 of the 6-8 week allowance.

  • Al

    Is it actual certificate you receive or is it like awards where it is linked and listed in your Hilton account?

  • @Al – email cert, I can’t find any way to see them in my account, Hilton phone agents can see them.

  • Al

    Week 8 now right?

  • @Al – I think 9. I have called twice, each time it led to a confusion of transfers where Citi says they have been requested and Hilton knows nothing except the original 2 certs from card 1. Very frustrating.

  • Al

    hmmm makes me think whether i should change my HHonors number on one of the cc before i hit the spend

  • Today hit 8 weeks, I cannot keep wasting time calling Citi, I sent a secure message and will see what response I receive.

  • Al

    I emailed Citi as well and it appears I can change my linked HHonors account number. I created a new Hilton account number as well, with the idea to have this 2nd account to house solely the 2 free night certificates with my main one holding the points and the other 2 free night certificates. Obviously, I would prefer not to do this but I am taking a wild guess that maybe Hilton is rejecting the 2nd set of certs because it already shows you have 2 or some silly reason like that. Hoping you will have a positive post before I reply back to Citi with my 2nd Hiton account #. Thanks.

  • From the secure message center:

    “I appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

    I will contact Hilton HHonors personally and send a letter to your address on file when I have more information about your certificates.

    We look forward to providing you with the best possible service. If there is anything we can do to further assist you, please let us know.”

  • Al

    Unless you have heard back, I am going to change the Hilton account # on one of my cards to see if that does the trick. Do you know if this is against Hilton policy – to have 2 active HHonors accounts?

  • @Al – I have not heard back, will try another message, I have no idea on Hilton policy in this regard, I think in the past I had an account that went inactive and still is tied to my name, so duplicate accounts probably exist and could be reasonably said to occur by accident.

  • CubsGirl

    Have been going down this same process, though I bit the bullet and called. They first tried to say that I had not met the minimum spend on the second one, but after reviewing the account, confirmed I had. Was on hold a long time, and they promised to resolve the matter and send the certificates. About a week later, I got a “thanks for contacting us” letter saying to expect my certs in 6-8 weeks. Ugh.

    Am thinking about using the ones from card one before following up, as I have no current plans for second set.

  • @CubsGirl – Each time I have called they have said the second set of certs would come, though never came, over 10 weeks now, I sent a secure message over a week ago and they said I would receive a letter in the mail, which I have still not.

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  • I finally got the certs, see the link in comment #53 for a detailed post.

  • Al

    We appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

    Hilton has denied our request to change the HHonors number linked to this account. We will continue to report the HHonors points earned on this account to xxxxxxxx.

    You will need to contact Hilton to consolidate the HHonors account.

    Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate your request at this time; however, we appreciate the opportunity to explain our position.

  • @Al – you are in for yet more fun when it comes time to get the certs!

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