Wyndham Rewards Visa bonus now 30k plus 6k annual bonus…with a catch

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The Wyndham Rewards® Visa Signature® Card was confusing enough with $39 annual fee and $0 annual fee versions under the same name. Now there is a $69 annual fee version advertised on the Wyndham Rewards website.

The $69 version has a 30k sign-up bonus after first purchase, 6k annual bonus, and waives the $69 annual fee in the first year.

In contrast the $39 annual fee version typically has a 16k sign-up bonus, no annual bonus, and fee is not waived the first year. They regularly send email offers with a 24k bonus (update: the $39 annual fee version is no longer offered).

I do not know much about Wyndham Rewards. Lots of people on the blogs are not fans, and recently Wyndham devalued their awards. But people always seem to find values sooner or later. This is not a great card but may fit into a massive Barclays spree, see my Barclays credit cards 101 for detail on getting 4 or possibly more in one credit pull. Also see my review of the Wyndham Rewards® Visa Signature® Card.

Disclaimer: I do not receive referral commission for the $69 annual fee version of this card.

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Kay @ Travel Bug Diary blog

Thanks for covering the card. I’ve been applying and reapply for credit cards for the bonuses since 2007, and I find myself rounding out my churns with credit cards that get no love in the blogosphere. I’ll probably pass on this one because I’m allergic to annual fees, but it’s a good reminder.

9 years ago

Seems like a terrible use of credit capacity unless….you already stay at Wyndhams in which case all I can say is…I’m so sorry.
Seriously I would equate this to an airline card that give you say 4000 miles with an annual fee and no annual bonus.