Winners of giveaway contest: ‘The Greatest Paper Map of the United States You’ll Ever See’ from Imus Geographics

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The Rapid Traveler has reemerged from the Mayan jungles of Honduras especially to award the winners of the Imus Geographics US map. And to get to work tomorrow.

Following the procedure common with Boarding Area bloggers, the random number generator from is used to draw the two winners, the draw numbers corresponding to the numbered comments in the giveaway announcement. Comment #64 was submitted past the deadline and is not eligible. One comment was submitted prior to the deadline, but incorrectly on the reminder post; since The Rapid Traveler approved this comment in comment moderation without noticing and thus not giving the entrant the opportunity to correct, it seems fair to allow this comment as #65 (calling it #64 would create confusion, if #64 is a winner, there will be a redraw).

Here are the winners:

Draw 1:

Of course #64 comes up. As noted above, #64 is ineligible due to late entry.

Draw 2:

The travel gods sending a message about slavishly adhering to rules, #64 again.

Draw 3:

#48, Bryce. He left the address for his blog, Field of Burch,  so why not check out this lucky traveler’s writings?

His comment was:

I have always enjoyed looking at maps, and would love receiving one of such artistry!

Draw 4:

#14, Paul & Carol, the Air Force navigators. Good karma that they said they might purchase if not a winner?

Their comment was:

As career Air Force navigators we both have an almost freaky fascniation with al things maps. This would be an awesome add to our collection (and yes, if we don’t win, we’ll probably end up buying this map! :)

Congratulations to Bryce and Paul & Carol. Hearty thanks to all entrants and their fascinating comments. The Rapid Traveler may see if #64 can purchase a lottery ticket for him.

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Paul & Carol
Paul & Carol
10 years ago

Wow…. this rocks! next biggest thing we’ve won was “all expense paid” trips to Iraq and Afghanistan! (for those we were provided maps 🙂 )