WebRotation: idPhoto4you – avoiding price gouging and getting the visa photo size you need

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Passport/visa photos are egregiously priced in the US. Costco is one of the cheaper options but, like many, they will only print the 2-inch by 2-inch size used by few other countries. This is a hassle for Americans applying for visas that specify different sizes, some countries’ diplomatic mission flexible, some sticklers. The Rapid Traveler got a huge store last time he was in China, and even the common ID photo kiosks in subway stations across Europe can offer decent value compared to US prices.

Recently The Rapid Traveler volunteered to help a friend in the US needing the 35-mm by 45-mm size standard in much of the world. Nearly a dozen calls to photo shops later, it was time for a different approach.

idPhoto4you is an elegant, free, single purpose service to create ID photos. There is a handy country selector and then it is just a matter of uploading a JPG/JPEG photo. The challenge is in taking an acceptable picture, to which a help section is useful. With a satisfactory photo, the service converts into a printable sheet for printing at home or a photo lab. Probably best to consider photo lab printing unless able to produce that professional look with a personal printer, in case a picky consular officer does not like the look of home brew.

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John Nelson
John Nelson
8 years ago

What they have a idphoto4you isn’t worth the money you pay… Yes I know it’s free and it aint worth the hassle. For passport photos you need them to be the right size. From these clowns they were way too big. Also you need the name and address of the company that took the photos written or stamped on the back. You aint getting that from these idiots. If you use them your pics will be rejected by all but third world countries passport offices. Hence free is much more hassle than it’s worth. Would have been nice if they… Read more »

Peace Corps user in Macomb IL
Peace Corps user in Macomb IL
9 years ago

My son is leaving for the Peace Corps next week and they wanted him to bring 10 copies of a passport photo. Our small town has few options and one of those, Walgreens, charges $10+ for 2 passport photos. idphoto4you easy easy to use and generates a 4×6 image with 4 passports photos, perfectly sized, and ready to upload to Walgreens to print. Now we have 12 passport photos for less than 50 cents.

Thanks to idphto4you!