US$267 roundtrip fares on ANA’s Japan domestic network for foreign visitors, July 12-October 27 (yes, that is really cheap for Japan)

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Two days in a row on ANA. The Rapid Traveler knows the critics are lurking with their charges of shilling, but he pleads total innocence, not a cent of commission and indeed he has never even flown ANA.

Today landed in his inbox an offer of JPY 10,500 (USD 267) roundtrip economy fares (tax and surcharge included) for anywhere in ANA’s Japan domestic network for foreign visitors, July 12-October 27, 2012. The qualification restrictions are similar to Japan’s vaunted rail passes (see below). Though proof on an international ticket to and from Japan is required, it need not be on ANA.

How good a deal is this? Well, The Rapid Traveler has been eying a weekend to Okinawa (OKA) on a potential August business trip. He found plenty of availability on his dates for the promotional fare, while the regular fares for both ANA and JAL are fixed at JPY 86,230 (USD 1,084)!

@Haneda Airport

Photo by jetalone

Another route nearly as far and expensive is up to Sapporo, Hokkaido (CTS), and that is a long haul even by bullet train.

Travelers should weigh these fares against rail options (for destinations with rail links, of course), especially rail passes, as well as inclusion of extra stops in intentional tickets and mileage redemptions.

For first-time Asia, The Rapid Traveler recommends Japan and Thailand together, a taste of everything and every extreme; anything that chips away at the expense of Japan is welcome indeed.

The full terms:

You must meet the following three requirements to use this fare :
– Residence outside Japan.
– Holding a passport issued by a country other than Japan, or Japanese passport holder with permanent residency outside of Japan.
(Passport information is required at the time of reservation)
– Holding the international tickets to and from Japan.
(Ticket number is required at the time of purchase)
* Your passport (along with the proof of permanent residency when holding a Japanese passport ) must be presented at Check-In for domestic flights.
* Upon request the passenger shall present the international tickets (Itinerary Receipt) to and from Japan.

– Non Refundable

Rebooking :
– Rebooking and change of routing are not permitted.
(However, change to an earlier flight is permitted at the airport on the day of departure on a stand-by basis)

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10 years ago

Japan and Thailand together? That has to be atleast a one month vacation.. if not more

Rapid Travel Chai
10 years ago
Reply to  Asen

@Asen, indeed lots of time would be nice, but I can see a good sampling with a week in Japan split among Tokyo (or Osaka) and Kyoto/Nara, and a week in Thailand with a taste of Bangkok and then up to the northwest for hiking or south to the beaches.

10 years ago


I was looking for the rules and was also considering Naha for an upcoming trip in the fall.

Rapid Travel Chai
10 years ago
Reply to  canucklehead

@canucklehead – it is quite tempting, and a great username you have, makes me want some Coffee Crisp.