TSA PreCheck begins at Philadelphia

TSA PreCheck began September 12 at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). Located at Checkpoint C for Terminals B and C, it is open to selected eligible passengers on US Airways and members of CBP Trusted Traveler programs (see press release).

Beer bottle clock

Yuengling beer bottle clock at PHL, photo by waitscm

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I happen to really appreciate Precheck! Why wouldn’t it be offered to the frequent flyers? When you fly through the same airports so often that all of the employees know you by name, getting undressed and having to dump out your bags gets old pretty fast. I don’t consider this a benefit for the privileged as you can buy your way into the program. This minority female can’t wait for this program to become available at all airports.


I am a millionaire, white, male and have a college degree. What line at the airport is for us?


Or just get GlobalEntry ($100 for five years) or Nexus ($50) and you are in the program. Minorities and infrequent travelers are more than welcome.
Also, the passenger volumes are low because the program is still new. It does help with delays during peak hours (e.g. Monday morning).
Or you can organize a lawsuit against EZpass for discrimination against people without transponders. Maybe there people will listen.

Relax. Have a drink at the airport bar.

This is nothing more than TSA propaganda, Precheck was introduced nearly two years ago. This is TSA PR garbage, not improved airport security. The media has been pandering to TSA, repeating their propaganda and excusing the agency despite repeated incidents of smuggling drugs and guns, a hundred criminal arrests and exposing over a dozen pedophile TSA screeners in less than two years. The media that ignores these failures are promotes TSA propaganda is slowing reform of this failed agency and making air travel less secure. According to FAA data there are 368 primary airports in the US. Putting Pre Check… Read more »
It’s obvious you’re not a frequent flyer. I fly over 150 segments a year. It’s a pleasure to use TSA Pre-check. It’s very frustrating to wait in security lines with casual flyers that take up to five minutes just to empty their pockets, take off their belt, remove their jackets and forget to take things out of their bags. I allowed the TSA to further check my background for the use of this service. And that’s what it is, a SERVICE for people who spend half their lives in airports. I would be interested to hear your take on TSA… Read more »

Works great. Such a pleasure