TSA PreCheck begins at Indianapolis Airport

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TSA PreCheck began August 7 at Indianapolis International Airport (IND). Off the bat it incudes American, Delta, United and US (see press release).

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10 years ago

According to FAA data there are 368 primary airports in the US. Putting Pre Check in 35 of them only for use by frequent fliers is not going to have any positive impact on delays. This is a PR move by TSA to placate the airlines best customers, not the average traveler. In the past eighteen months only 2 million passengers have used PreCheck, some of them several times. By comparison there are over 700 million passengers per year or 1.05 billion people in that time. The chances of you being able to use this is 0.19% or less than… Read more »

Kris Ziel
10 years ago

Never knew how great precheck was until I somehow got it at SEA last week, it is a breeze, through security in 45 seconds. I can’t wait for us to get it here at DEN.

10 years ago

I got a chance to use it this morning via Global Entry and I was in and out of the A checkpoint in less than a minute. I was already late for my flight and it really saved the day!