TSA PreCheck adds Boston and laggards United and US Airways

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Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) launched TSA PreCheck for Delta Airlines on June 19.

The program also finally added United Airlines and US Airways, at Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) and Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA), respectively.

Gary at View from the Wing recently started a debate on the utility of PreCheck, principally arguing that it does not save time when it would be most valuable, that is in being able to arrive at the airport later, since selection is not guaranteed. That is true and the program is far from what it should ideally be.

It does, at least, allow some extra time at the airport when selected and processed faster, and in some elite flyer heavy airports, such as Atlanta in rush hours, it may help reduce overall security wait times, at least in priority lanes. Plus, it is fun to be selected and treated with some measure of dignity.

Those who do not relish the US security experience can always try passing through India, which makes TSA security theater seem minor league. Or, they can try to avoid both countries and possibly start enjoying flight again.

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10 years ago

I believe Gary’s argument to be somewhat fallacious if you’re the type of person that can be productive in the lounge.