TSA Pre-Check now at Las Vegas; United plus Los Angeles and Minneapolis on the way

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The TSA’s PreCheck expedited screening program launched in Las Vegas (LAS) on December 14 and The Rapid Traveler zipped through security early this morning, leaving behind the large mass of leisure travelers shuffling in post-New Year’s revelry daze. Like the earlier participant airports, this is available for Delta and American only at this time, but United will also be joining the program at a date TBD.

City-wise, next up are Los Angeles (LAX) for American and Minneapolis (MSP) for Delta sometime in early 2012.

See these earlier posts on the program, first experience of it, and downsides.


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10 years ago

DTW uses a standard metal detector scanner for TSA PRE. I love it!

Rapid Travel Chai
10 years ago

The dedicated line set up at LAS for PreCheck only has the standard scanner. Other D gate security lines do have the nudoscopes.

Ditto for ATL, have not seen the others PreCheck test sites.

10 years ago

They can’t make you go through the nudoscope. You (still) have the “right” to a massage.

10 years ago

Do they still make you go through the nudoscope?