TravelChancellor: Michael Lewis on Germany and PIIGS

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Michael Lewis’ latest illumination of European economic folly is Germany. It’s the Economy, Dummkopf!, published in September’s Vanity Fair will be The Rapid Traveler’s next flight delight (companion Q&A, too).

Previous entries in the series visited Iceland (abstract only, but a full PDF is here), Greece, and Ireland. If forced to choose, The Rapid Traveler favors the Greece story, tracing the epicenter of Greece’s downfall to the monks of a remote monastery.

The Wall Street Journal noted that Greece has been in a “perceptual state of default” since independence in1829, defaulting five times and being in default for 50.6% percent of the time to present. Other European countries outnumber Greece, but fittingly it wins the marathon.

Anyone with Europe travel plans or investment portfolio crashing should make a careful study of Lewis’ work.

Those who have not read Lewis’ hilarious Liar’s Poker can pick it up and wonder if it were possible to not have an economic collapse caused by Wall Street, or turn to his The Big Short to see how it happened.

meteora monastery, greece

Photo by alaskapine

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