The Rapid Traveler’s China Itinerary for Frugal Travel Guy

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An earlier post told of meeting Frugal Travel Guy, which inspired this blog.

Frugal Travel Guy is off to China tomorrow to see Beijing, Xi’an and Shanghai. He will be using an itinerary created by The Rapid Traveler according to the Rapid Travel Philosophy to experience a destination in a flash, but leave no regrets behind.

Frugal Travel Guy wrote, in part:

Tomorrow’s post and future days will be a copy of the detailed information Stefan provided us, all out of the goodness of his heart. He is a true frugal traveler and we could not have made this trip, so well
thought out, without his advice. Every once in a while I get to help out travelers with tips as well and we sure got paid back in spades with all of Stefan’s advice. I have found over the years that fellow frugal travelers will help you out if you just ask and offer them advice when you have it in return.

If you are planning a trip to China in the near future, I would save a copy of the information he is providing us. He has graciously allowed me to share his email with all of you as well. I hope you enjoy his tips.

The Rapid Traveler is blushing over these kind words and hopes the trip is a success. Tune in every day at Frugal Travel Guy for updates and while there, look at the extensive archives and learn the keys to “frugal travel and flying free.”

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