Thanks Evo (part 2), here’s what I saw of Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

The Bolivian election (see part 1) scrubbed The Rapid Traveler’s plan to see Isla del Sol on Lake Titicaca, as he returned to La Paz a half-day late. He still hoped to catch a few glimpses of the lake among the Argentine hippies at Copacabana but barely got there, thanks to local villagers blocking the road in while the lone police officer took photos. As best The Rapid Traveler could understand through translation, a local bigwig had released from jail (again) a multiple rapist buddy of his, and these kind of protests are the only way villagers feel they can get noticed. It took some time to arrange to ferry people with vehicles on either side.

The lake
Another take on the lake

The lake is a beaut but The Rapid Traveler could only stop to dip his toe, because the complicated tangle of Machu Picchu tickets and transport is totally unrefundable and unchangeable. Time to dash for Peru.

The ferry to Copacabana
Finally warming up after frigid Uyuni
The protest

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