Stamping through US National Parks – all of them

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Obsessive travelers of all stripes are dear to The Rapid Traveler’s heart. He has been back living in the US for over a year and  is looking to see more of his home country. US cities are more and more homogenous, yes there are plenty of exceptions despite the blanketing of chain restaurants and stores, but the major appeal of US travel for The Rapid Traveler is its natural endowment.

The US National Park Service has a surprisingly robust location tool, with map and list views of the many categories of sites under management.

NPS Minnesota

Darn tootin’ that the example is bucolic Minnesota, The Rapid Traveler’s home state

Park collectors have long used Eastern National’s Passport to Your National Parks as a fun record of their visits.

But what for hardcore collectors? The National Park Travelers Club, profiled in USA Today, highlights members’ quests to reach all 394 sites, some on their second round. Basic features are free, but the Master Map, through Google Earth,  and Master List require membership of $10/first year, $5/annual renewal (map sample and list sample). Essential tools for those obsessed with seizing every possible stamp, with notes such as exact address and seasonality/hours for specific stamps. They even have a Most Wanted and Found list for elusive stamps. A great community for park aficionados to partake.

Readers, how many US National Parks have you visited?

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