Spirit Airlines Free 8,000 Miles = Free Magazine Spree!

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From Dan’s Deals, Spirit Airlines is giving away 8,000 miles per person for complaining about an airline. You need to enroll in their Free Spirit program and submit your complaint at hatethousandmiles.com.

Spirit Miles expire in 90 days without earning activity, though they do have partners like a dining program that can be used to keep balances alive.

Dan’s Deals points out Spirit is now a MagsForMiles partner which gives cheap miles redemptions for magazines and newspapers (WSJ), even rarely discounted The Economist at 4800 miles, redeem here.

I love MagsForMiles, many of my trips start with a load like this:

Mags for Miles 002

Some MagsForMiles tips:

  1. Magazine selection differs among airlines and changes frequently (Barron’s recently disappeared, BusinessWeek irregularly appears, The New Yorker never appears)
  2. Prices differ among airlines, but with few better uses, cash out Spirit anyway
  3. If you already have a subscription, go ahead and get a new one, most magazines automatically match details and extend your existing subscription (The Atlantic usually messes this up and sends duplicates, but they can manually merge accounts)
  4. Some publications are limited to new subscribers, there seem to be plenty of ways around this like different names at the same address
  5. Order only one publication at a time, you will be offered additional magazines for $2 each, if you accept you will be set-up for auto-renew at high rates, but are paper-mailed reminders with plenty of time to cancel
  6. At year end, when you call to cancel an auto-renew you will almost always be offered an extension for another $2 or similar
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8 years ago

So here is my story about Spirit: I bought a good ticket from Minneapolis to Chicago, bare bones, which was fine with me. ON the way back they were oversold and they offered one voucher ticket to volunteers that wanted to give up their seat. As they couldn’t find volunteers that easily (maybe most people knew what they would ge tinto if they said yes) they raised the offer to 2 vouchers. After a bit of thinking, as I had to miss work the next day and I was dieing so see my daugher, I said yes. I though, here… Read more »

8 years ago

Just an update: So our 8000 miles posted Thursday to our accounts and we have already redeemed them for miles! If any of your readers need a step by step guide on how to redeem once the miles post, we wrote a blog post about it, as it was somewhat tricky at first. The post is here: http://twototravelandtango.com/travel-tips/how-to-redeem-free-spirit-miles-for-magazines/#more-376

Excited about a free year of The Economist, ESPN, and Time!


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[…] 1. Spirit is giving away 8,000 miles for complaining about an airline. Quirky, just the way I like it! More details and a way to leverage this deal for free magazines HERE […]

8 years ago

I think Danin stl is misinformed . I believe you would need either 37500 or 45000 miles to fly to south america.


[…] pay me to fly Spirit, and keep in mind, I’m pretty damn cheap. But then I came across Rapid Travel Chai’s post referring to what he read on Dan’s Deals and they spoke my language: Turn those Spirit […]

Two to Travel and Tango

Thanks Stefan! I plan on linking to this post when I blog about this. I saw the deal a few places and overlooked it because I could care less about Spirit, but when you brought up magazines I like, well, you spoke my language!

8 years ago

NO ! NO ! stop the presses. Don’t waste them on Magazines. That’s what I thought at first since they expire so quickly. Better yet. Go ahead and grab the 8k miles, then apply for the BofA Spirit Mastercard for at least 15k (unless you can find a better link). That will give you 23k miles which is only 2k short of a round trip Spirit Mastercard rate redemption in region 4 so that is anywhere they fly including South America. I know it’s a long haul on Spirit but it’s a great deal. On top of that they have… Read more »