A Points Traveler Talks Richmond, Virginia on Amateur Traveler Podcast

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Amateur Traveler’s weekly episode arrived to today with a familiar voice: Becky Pokora of The Girl and Globe. She introduces her hometown, Richmond, Virginia, listen here.

The Girl and Globe Virgina

I first met Becky and her boyfriend when she was starting blogging and we were all connecting flights in Atlanta. She comes from the travel hacking world and works in businesses including award booking. Recently my sister-in-law used Becky’s extensive Guatemala Travel Guide for advice. She writes practical posts such as T-Mobile Simple Choice International Plans: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly to destination posts such as Things to Do in Cairo Beyond the Pyramids.

The Amateur Traveler episodes I most enjoy are with travelers who have lives and work outside of travel. They better speak to the possibilities, constraints and logistics of travel than authors on perpetual travel or sponsored trips.

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