Prince Edward Island Lobster Suppers: New Glasgow vs St Ann’s Church

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Update August 2016: reader beargrumpy informed me that St Ann’s has permanently closed after 50 years of lobster suppers. Sad to see it go.

Lobster suppers are quintessential Prince Edward Island (PEI).

Seafood restaurants of all stripes offer versions of the lobster supper, but there are four primary dedicated restaurants: New Glasgow Lobster Suppers, St Ann’s Church Lobster Suppers (permanently closed), Fisherman’s Wharf Lobster Suppers, and Cardigan Lobster Suppers.

The first three are all clustered in the central tourist heartland while Cardigan is in the east.

New Glasgow dates to 1958 and is family-run. The majority of locals we queried picked this as their favorite.

St. Ann’s dates to 1964 and is church-run.

Fisherman’s Wharf is a relative newcomer and boasts a large salad bar.

Cardigan is distinguished by its location in eastern PEI, near the best B&B in Prince Edward Island, Knox’s Dam Bed and Breakfast.

These are all seasonal, opening May or June, closing September or October. Some are dinner only and St. Ann’s is closed on Sundays.

Lobster supper menus follow a 5-course pattern of soup/chowder, salad, mussels, main course (lobster or numerous alternatives) and dessert. The price is determined by the main course and there are reduced price meals for skipping the main course, which only makes sense if planning to gorge on mussels or sharing an entree with another diner. Some courses are all-you-can eat but the main is always excluded from that largesse. Lobsters are available in several sizes and can be served hot or cold.

We had two dinners in PEI and chose tradition with New Glasgow and St. Ann’s. My secret weapon, known in seafood circles as the ‘Shanghai Shredder,’ was the final arbiter. She scoffed at the proffered bibs, gracefully dissembling the lobsters without a splatter on her trim outfits.

St. Ann’s first. Our night a group of 60 senior citizen RV owners was in and the restaurant was overwhelmed. It took over an hour to receive the first courses, and a further three quarters of an hour for the mains to arrive. To tide us over we were offered an extra bowl of mussels since they are not unlimited at St. Ann’s. Service was very uneven. Chowder, soup, and salad all basic. Mussels top notch. Mains of lobster and scallops-shrimp combo good. Lemon meringue pie is the traditional dessert but was out by the time our turn came. The basic strawberry shortcake and brownie with ice cream were ok. Live music helped with the wait. The dining hall is under the church and a bit stuffy. Overall, the purpose is to experience a traditional community lobster supper and to have good lobster. St. Ann’s did well in these key areas, the rest was nothing special.

Prince Edward Island 018

St Ann’s Church Lobster Suppers

Prince Edward Island 019

Huge group overwhelming the restaurant

Prince Edward Island 020

Mussels and salad

Prince Edward Island 021

1.5 lb lobster and scallops-shrimp combo

Prince Edward Island 022

Desserts and elegant tea service

New Glasgow has virtually the same menu. The biggest difference was they ran out of chocolate cake instead of lemon meringue. The setting is riverside with some window-side tables but no outdoor dining. The chowder/soup, salad and desserts were virtually indistinguishable from St. Ann’s. Mussels are unlimited but St. Ann’s won on taste. Lobster a virtual tie. For scallops, St Ann’s wins. Professionalism and service, New Glasgow is far ahead.

Prince Edward Island 026

New Glasgow Lobster Suppers

Prince Edward Island 027

Dining tickets and the dining hall

Prince Edward Island 028

Find a way to get this corner table

Prince Edward Island 029

Bottomless buck ‘o mussels

Prince Edward Island 030

Lobsters ready to deploy

Prince Edward Island 031

The focus is on the main, the sides are generic

Prince Edward Island 032

Thick lemon meringue pie

Can’t go wrong with either but with only one to choose, Rapid Travel Chai (and Shanghai Shredder) give the nod to New Glasgow. Hard to beat that stunning view and food promptly served. Oh, and do get the lemon meringue pie, but make sure to order desserts before any other course at either if you have your heart set on one.

Readers, what are your PEI lobster supper experiences?

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6 years ago

August 17, 2016

Went to have a lobster dinner at St. Ann’s this evening. The website needs to be updated or completely deleted. St. Ann’s is NO longer in operation. Ended up going to Glasgow Supper Dinner. Did not disappoint.


[…] the earliest opening in May and the season closed in October. Different from the multi-course lobster dinners of Canada’s Prince Edward Island, the shacks are walk-up affairs where customers order at the window, collect orders when ready, and […]

The Weekly Flyer
10 years ago

Great view from the corner. Average age at that place had to be about 76.

10 years ago

Just got back from PEI today. Lovely place. Never seen so many lobster traps in so many places before.

10 years ago

Thanks for your timely review – I’m in PEI right now, trying to decide between St. Ann’s (never been), New Glasgow (been), or Fisherman’s Wharf (been). I think we’ll return to Fisherman’s Wharf since I’m good just with th unlimited chowder and muscles.

10 years ago

Haha “Shanghai Shredder”. 😛