Photo albums are back on the site: from Tiger’s Nest to Star Wars sets

The move to Boarding Area was a great honor for The Rapid Traveler, though he has been decidedly poky in his housekeeping chores. Photo albums are now back on the Photos page. Before you tune out, give them a try. Every effort is made to be concise, choosing only the most interesting or revealing images of a destination. Contextual comments are added and the locations are all geotagged on the attached maps for your own planning. Available both in flickr and Picasa, flickr has the most active community, Picasa has more accurate maps. The Rapid Traveler is no shutterbug and carries a simple camera, but the destinations often overcome his technical deficiencies.

The holiday lull will be a chance to assemble albums from Iran and South America.

Algeria Tunisia Libya 043

Hard to resist a Skywalker impersonation, Tozeur, Tunisia

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Contributors highlights Professor Peter Conn’s hilarious series on China, and is awaiting further travelers to share their tips and experiences.

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