One strike and you’re stuck – Europe planning

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In planning a trip to Europe, follow this procedure before booking tickets (and repeat again before departure):

1.  Go to your preferred search engine.

2.  Type destination country name, add “strike” and search.  Repeat as needed with “strikes,” protest,” “protests,” etc. Then swap country name with city name, airport name, airline name and other modes of transport on your itinerary, and also check their homepages.

3.  Recalibrate your plan accordingly.

European trips are mostly stored in The Rapid Traveler’s retirement plan, but when he spent a weekend in Paris in March the Air France caterers were on strike. Now it is the more consequential maintenance staff’s turn. The Air France website provides a decent update:

Maintenance staff industrial dispute
The union representing the Air France maintenance workers called for a strike. We have rescheduled several long-haul flights operating to Paris Charles de Gaulle until July 1st. Delays are possible and some flight cancellations are not excluded. Some flights may be chartered from other airlines.

Customer information
If you wish to be contacted in case of schedule modifications…

Europe travel guru Rick Steves likes to say that it is not a question of if there will be a strike in Europe on your visit, but how it will affect you.

Anyone fancy a Greek summer?

Athens Polytechnic uprising protest 2009 17:58:51.jpg

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