My favorite Delta Sky Club spot in ATL

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I am such a crusty, old NWA flyer, every time I dick around with the Delta Sky Club’s crappy T-Mobile wireless I shake my first, muttering about the good, old NWA World Club days, which I partially was able to relive post-Sandy at EWR when the World Club and its self-service bar was reopened. Sorry, Delta, I do not enjoy waiting for the JFK bartenders showing their backs to customers while they slowly rearrange cabinets or lonely guys chatting up bartenders when I just want an orange juice.

I have a long layover in ATL today and prior to lunch with friends, headed to the quiet Terminal T Sky Club and made a beeline for my favorite spot in the back and greeted my old friend, the wired internet connection.

Sky Club ATL Terminal T

Great speed.

The little pleasures in life are sweetest.

By the way, I wish hotels would offer both wired and wireless in their rooms, wireless so often is inadequate and I always sit at the desk.

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10 years ago

I love when hotels have wired internet. I always get the best of both worlds with my TRENDnet travel router ( which I LOVE! Fast, strong signal wireless shared among multiple devices. Some hotels limit you to only one device and plus you have to frequently log back in. This makes so you only have to log in once for all devices.

10 years ago

Wow did not know about this! Is the cable at the desk, or do you have to bring your own?

I completely agree about the bartenders…I hate waiting and line and pestering them for a soda! I much preferred the NWA world clubs….

Rapid Travel Chai
10 years ago
Reply to  Burj

@Burj – somehow that cable survives but only at that one desk in the corner. Other desks have jacks so you could bring your own cable. This club is one of the remaining ones in ATL to not get the Clockwork Orange ultra-white re-do with the wonky furniture.