My ALS Ice Bucket Challenge at Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse London Heathrow

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“I can leave a bucket at the top of the stairs and it can disappear,” the bartender at the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse London Heathrow said with a wink.

Some curious onlookers peered as we ascended through The Loft and out in the chill evening winds of London Heathrow at the runway overlooking Garden.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a great way to raise suppport and funds for this worthy cause. I was honored to be nominated by Richard Beels, my miles and points guru, and Daraius Dubash of Million Mile Secrets.

Richard’s video is here, wait for the final punchline to develop.

Daraius’s is here:

The Clubhouse gentleman manning The Loft slipped away from his post to douse me. I checked baggage because of some libations in tow as gifts and forgot to bring a change of clothes in my briefcase, so it will be a damp flight to Delhi.

I nominated:

  • Margaret Wong of Breck School, Golden Valley, Minnesota, USA, the best Chinese language teacher in the world, whose has been a guiding light and stern second mother to my brother and I.
  • Erick Haskell, Managing Director, Adidas India, who I worked for in the most exciting years of my career in China.
  • Markus Lundgren, one of the great world travelers, my age yet already been to every UN country, most a 2nd time, now working on the states of the major countries, and currently on a 10-day boat from the Gambier Archipelago to Pitcairn Island of Mutiny on the Bounty fame.
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8 years ago

good for you! you could have taken the challenge without your shirt on if you didnt have a change of clothes! i hope you didnt get a cold!

8 years ago

Ice bucket challenge is now OUTDATED! Here is the S**T bucket challenge