Meanwhile in Hong Kong, Private Jet Slots are Being Travel Hacked

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Today we lose the Starwood savior and Alaska turns out to be just another airline, meanwhile in Hong Kong, the SCMP reports, Hong Kong airport runway slots being hijacked for profit via online booking system, source says.

It seems a not ready for prime-time system was rolled out March 15:

The online booking platform for private jet operators was officially rolled out on March 15 to make the most efficient use of the airport’s two runways, which are approaching maximum capacity.

“Some operators or users create some software to automate the refreshing process of the system because it’s real-time,” the source said of how the booking system was being exploited.

The platform, which attracts hundreds of hits a day on average, was swamped by 40,000 hits on March 19, within days of its launch, the source said, quoting the system’s software developer.

The overbooking has frustrated those who have to make do with reserved flight slots that later become available if they remain unused. These slots are only placed back in the system 24 hours before departure time, leaving takers with no time to plan a flight and secure landing rights at the destination airport.

Can’t the poor tycoons get a fair shake?

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