LGBT Rio 2012: 1 million+ revelers greet us on arrival

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The Mrs and I arrived Rio from Salvador after a long day of travel, expecting quiet repose in our hotel for the evening. The streets were blocked and we walked to final blocks to Copacabana. We were greeted with the LGBT Rio 2012 17th annual parade. Wow. Our room wasn’t ready, so why not join the festivities.

Later I went up to the hotel roof and a vacuous American had the line of the night, “They can’t all be gaaay peee-ple.” Indeed, the whole city seemed to turn out for hedonistic revelry.

And here I was thinking Brazil was a mite dull after a couple so-so days in Salvador. Reminds me of my high school Chinese teacher telling of how she as a child, and her family,fleeing the communist victors in the Chinese civil war, arrived in Brazil during Carnival, not knowing a word of Portuguese or about the culture, thinking this was how Cariocas lived every day.

LGBT Rio 2012 1

Rooftop view

[flickr video=]

LGBT Rio 2012 6

Sugarloaf backdrop

LGBT Rio 2012 4

Flexin' for the crowd

LGBT Rio 2012 3

Playful photo ops

LGBT Rio 2012 2

"Sexy and I know it"

[flickr video=]

LGBT Rio 2012 5

The party rolls on

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6 years ago

@Josinei you are from Mars for sure!

9 years ago

with all respect, this is all bs. First, im from there, im brazilian. Second, we dont tolerate that crap. we do respect everybody and their own free will of being whatever they want, but this GLBT party above, is a crap and disgusting vulgar moviment that they do. And trust me, i have some frineds that are gay, and they are also disgusted with those people that do that kinda of parade above.
Anyways, i enjoy reading your blog and all your info.
thanks 🙂

10 years ago

One word: disgusting

Rapid Travel Chai
10 years ago
Reply to  Josinei

@Josinei – Rio probably should not be on your travel list, they make a big point of diversity and tolerance, and actively pursue the LGBT travel market.

Rapid Travel Chai
9 years ago

Josinei – my reference to Rio pursuing the LGBT tourism market is from the city’s official tourism website, which lists ‘LGBT Guide’ prominently as one of its 7 menu tabs, and what I saw during my brief visit. Anyway, these parades happen in plenty of cities around the world, along with many other types of parades that people can find disagreeable in different ways, nice to see countries that let these happen than the alternatives. Thanks for the compliment. I am running behind on my posts but will have some Rio posts coming up from my excellent visit there as… Read more »