Jetlag is worst when returning home to the daily grind – an insomniac entrepreneur’s radical solution

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humbledMBA is revered among entrepreneurial circles, a must read for anyone seeking to achieve their goals in any field. The author, Jason Freedman, has his hand in travel as co-founder of FlightCaster (app currently free for iPhone and Blackberry; no Android version).

Become a morning person. How to end insomnia for $520.99 has been among his top posts for two years, a reflection of the constant struggle we have for sleep. Frequent travelers spend most of their lives in varying forms of stupor, and no matter how much they enjoy the travel, feeling properly rested is not one of the perks. Heading out on a trip, jetlag can be somewhat combated by adrenalin when the destination is new and exciting. Returning home to the daily grind, however, is deflating and exhausting.

Mr. Freedman’s struggles with insomnia are not travel-related but his tribulations and recommendations have universal applicability, flowing from two principles:

  1. Avoid bad light at night.
  2. Get bright light in the morning.

The options presented do not all need to cost $520.99, and it may not be necessary in each case to eat breakfast next to a 10,000 lux light, but this radical approach is worth testing for those who wander the earth with heavy eyelids.


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