Hugo and The Muppets remind that leisure travel should be joyful – my 2012 plan

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The Rapid Traveler saw Hugo and The Muppets tonight. He grew up with the Muppets (original and babies versions) and is a cinema buff, Mother of Rapid Traveler indefatigably shuttling him on countless weeknights (after homework done!) to the old Oak Street Cinema, now part of the Film Society of Minnesota. So he was a sucker walking in the door, but rarely have any films been so joyful for him, and recommends them to all audiences.

Thoughts on the drive back naturally turned to travel and the many articles and comments on 2012 strategies for earning elite status or credit card churns and the like. These are all useful but it is easy to forget the ends in the focus on the means.

Here’s The Rapid Traveler’s 2012 travel plan: go to new places, have a great time, learn and share, do what is needed to achieve this. *(update below)

For The Rapid Traveler, joy in travel comes from doing things new and challenging, that involve genuine human interaction or testing his limits. He is not interested in premium air travel, because why should receiving a smile depend on whether or not an upgrade clears? And hotels only erect barriers, so he spends little non-sleeping time in them. These are transactional, superficial experiences to him that cannot produce the kind of joy like reflexively singing along with the Muppets. In travels he most loves meeting people with different experiences, whether villagers in a culture totally different from his or having lunch today with fellow Boarding Area blogger Points, Miles & Martinis. Or the challenge of a (figurative) crash course in learning to drive a manual for a 4-day, 500-mile trip through Ancient Rome, Islam and Star Wars in the Tunisian desert. For others, premium air travel or a secluded resort produce that joy.

So, whatever gives you travel joy, pursue it in 2012. Do not tarry, do not hesitate. The Rapid Traveler wishes you all best of luck and looks forward to hearing your exploits.

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*Peruvian colleague of The Rapid Traveler read this and wrote, “how is this new for you?” Ok, yes, well, not new, but not messing with what works!

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