How the 0.1% Flew Last Weekend

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My weekend in Omaha gave me a window ONto the ultra rich, even when I didn’t notice, such as when Bill Ackman was standing behind me while I bought Buffett and Munger rubber duckies at the Oriental Trading Company booth.

It was a big weekend for the see and be seen set, and Omaha was invaded with private jets. I chatted with various drivers and pilots about their criss-crossing the country.

The weekend circuit the most ambitious undertook:

  • Friday night NFL Draft in Chicago
  • Saturday morning Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting
  • Saturday evening Kentucky Derby
  • Saturday night fight in Vegas

I didn’t even catch all that on TV, though I was plenty happy with my plum dumpling at family-run Omaha institution Bohemian Cafe.

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7 years ago


Private planes were still landing at McCarran airport at 6:30 PM on saturday night.

7 years ago

“How the 0.1% [Really] Flew Last Weekend”:
comment image:large

McCarran International Airport was closed to private planes on Saturday afternoon before the fight.

7 years ago

The best deal ever was to book an early AA flight home to FL late Sunday morning. We spent the day at OMA collecting VDB vouchers all day long, alternating between OMA-ORD and OMA-DFW connections to Florida, which were all overbooked.

7 years ago

Bumped from an AA DFW routing and an ORD one. Finally went on another Sunday DFW routing.

We also used to book our California-Florida Christmas trips for early morning the Saturday before Christmas. Got multiple bumps on those, too. Never knew where we’d end up after DFW. Once they re-booked us through DC, so we got to see the national Christmas sights.