Hong Kong’s nature and heritage by foot, rail and ferry

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The Rapid Traveler and Mrs enjoyed brunch today with great travelers including the last Continental passenger ever. Discussion turned to Hong Kong, one of The and Mrs’ favorite destinations, he studying at Chinese University of Hong Kong for a semester in 2001 and both frequently visiting since.

Visitors may be shocked to learn that hiking is a highly popular pastime in Hong Kong, with countless clubs and nattily outfitted hikers on the trails each weekend. There are classic hikes of varying difficulty in Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, as well as the lesser-known New Territories, north of Kowloon, and the Outlying Islands, several of which are easily reached by regular ferries.

Lamma Island

Lamma Island, photo by ctsnow

The Hong Kong Tourism Board is one of the best in the world, with truly useful information and dedicated staff. Their Discover Hong Kong website is such a stellar resource that it is easy to miss some gems. Well-thumbed copies of the following guides testify to The Rapid Traveler trying nearly every activity in the following, and the new editions are better than ever:

Tricycles… the preferred mode of transport around here!

Peng Chau, photo by antwerpenR

Hong Kong is much more than luxury boutique overload.

For the main attractions and eats, see the Rapid Travel Chai 24-hour itinerary.

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Jealous you were back in my Hiking Nirvana – Happy you still head back there – I miss HK a lot 🙁


Now I have a reason to go there. One day of shopping (or none) would be enough for me. Thanks for the links.

Rapid Travel Chai

@Craig New York – A pleasure to meet you as well. Let me know how the trips go.

Craig New York
Craig New York

Thanks Stefan!!! Great seeing you at lunch. These tips will come in very hand when my wife and I are in Hong Kong next month.