Hertz President’s Club for $450 – can it be worth it?!

My new employer prefers Hertz over National. I have Gold Plus and lately they keep emailing me an offer to upgrade to President’s Circle for $450 ($250 for Five Star members).

President's Circle

The stated benefits are:

  • 25% bonus on Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® points
  • 600 Bonus Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points after every
    15 rentals – equivalent to a free day
  • Guaranteed reservations
  • Guaranteed one-car-class upgrade
  • Preferred parking and more!

The only benefits that would matter much to me are the bonus points, but that would take a whole lot of rentals to make any sense. Thankfully I am not a US domestic road warrior. And my personal rentals are almost always Priceline/Costco/Capital One.

Am I missing something? Has anyone found good value out of this? Perhaps there is a relatively low break-even if bonus point rentals will be in astronomically priced markets like New York.

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I am a pres circle member and find the upgrades are the best deal. I didn’t pay for the membership as I rent almost every week for work. All Hertz locations will drive you to the airport if you ask them…..diamon status gives you that plus a ride from the terminal to the rental desk. not worth it..


Hmmm…that Hertz Club Platinum sounds nice, which includes “Private car service back to your departure terminal.” No more shuttle buses! $1200 well spent.


I am currently Hertz President Circle member, and I haven’t seen any real value in the program except the upgrade. Smaller locations upgrade you even if you are the Five Star Member, so in my opinion, i wouldn’t pay the $450 for President Circle. However, I did receive an email from Hertz to join their Platinum Program for $1000 — in my opinion, I think that would be a better option for you if you were to think about paying the $400 some for President Circle.

Rapid Travel Chai

@lazzar – I just meant that I passed on the Club Card because do not fly UA and have little need for their club. I am a Delta Diamond and that comes with Sky Club access.

I had never heard of Hertz Diamond but just found it – something new to research!


sky club option ?

and btw how did ya get Hertz diamond ? you aint gonna tell me, you spent $750 [the price I have seen in my Hertz email offer for the DIAMOND]

Rapid Travel Chai

@mrpickles, @lazzar, I like the Club Card idea, might even have gone for the free Club Card round this summer if I hadn’t been focused on other Chase cards and with my Delta Diamond status, in my particular travels I am rarely without a Sky Club option.

When I see an offer like this, my first reaction is “are they crazy?” My second reaction is “maybe someone has cleverly hacked it into a points-spinner.”


oh come on!
its definitely not worth it, price-wise.
Hertz is no good when it comes to upgrades etc.
but if you do consider getting it, then why not open the UNITED CLUB CARD so you’ll have Avis presidents club +Hertz PC [via an very easy status match] + a whole bunch of other perks.
and for much less then $450, [either free 1st year or $400]


You get Avis Presidential free with the UA Club Card and then Hertz will status match you for free to Presidential Circle.

Noah Kimmel
I also received the message and cant figure out anyone who would pay that much for it… For $450, Id rather carry a Platinum AMEX which has complimentary Gold status and a bazillion other benefits… Gold status (which you can get free online from Hertz about half the year) gives you a car upgrade, though not guarunteed, but I have never been turned down, especially with Gold Choice where you can pick a bigger car that is someone else’s if its in the same aisle. As for bonus points, $450 covers quite a few rentals. Even at $45 per day… Read more »

Seems like no way for that to work out value wise. I status matched to presidents circle but haven’t used them since.


The biggest gain are the upgrades.