Fruits are not liquids, but yogurt is iffy

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This comic unintentionally illustrates one of my favorite ways to cope with security restrictions at US airports (unless someone wants to pay the $110 license fee, you’ll have to click on the link).

Fruits are not liquids. The TSA’s prohibited food list includes items such as soups, sauces and spreads.  I have had mixed experiences with yogurt. But fruits are a-ok.  To me, grapes are juice that won’t spill when my seat-mate clobbers my tray. Fruit is a great way to refresh from the dryness on flights, and unless you are up front or on an airline like Korean Air, no flight attendant is going to be walking through the aisles with a fruit basket.

Just stick to tough fruits that can take some jostling, like oranges. No matter how I have tried to coddle them, I have never succeeded in getting a banana through without turning to mush. And I don’t have the confidence to carry the Banana Guard, Banana Bunker, or the Hello Kitty version.


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