Follow the trolley in Savannah (and Boston, Washington, and more)

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While booking a hotel for Savannah, The Rapid Traveler noticed a package including trolley tour tickets. The company is Old Town Trolley Tours, one of several in Savannah. They have a helpful route map that provides a great self-drive tour. The trolley tour caters to people that do not want to drive and will make a leisurely day, enjoying the information provided by the guide. But, it costs $26/adult ($10/child) and is not for travelers in a hurry. It should be noted that there are various discounts on offer, such as The Rapid Traveler’s hotel hawking tickets for $10.


Only problem is getting stuck behind a trolley

The Rapid Traveler followed the twisting route through Savannah’s elegant squares, seeing the major sights in under an hour without getting tripped up by the one-way streets. Many sights, including Sherman’s headquarters were unfortunately closed for the holiday, but Savannah is a gem.

Maps for cities covered by Old Town Trolley Tours:

Other cities no doubt have their own trolley/bus tour operators. Happy tracking!

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