Experience the US the Japanese way with ANA Mileage Club discounts

Car service, meal, shopping, spa, even temporary staff hire, all in Japanese, no English needed, in major US cities.

ANA Mileage Club has a roster of discounts for six major American cities that let members experience Japan from the US. These unfortunately do not provide direct mileage earning opportunities, but discounts like 10% off dinner are welcome.

A choice entry in New York for 10% off laser hair removal notes that it “exc Tax & Gratuity.” That’s a new world to The Rapid Traveler and one he did not know that gratuity is expected.

Benefits by city:

There do not appear to be corresponding discounts for Japan or other countries.


Photo by Jun Seita

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This is a very good way to find an authentic Japanese restaurant when traveling in those cities, for what it’s worth.