Enterprise Rentals Can Now Earn Miles…But They’re Delta SkyMiles

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Delta announced several changes to their rental car partnerships today. I’ll do each as separate posts for the attention-deficit social media generation.

Delta Rental Car Portal

Biggest news in terms of something new is that Delta has launched a partnership with Enterprise to earn:

  • 500 miles per rental
  • Limited time earn an additional 200 bonus miles per day (no listed end date)
  • Must book through delta.rentalcar.com
  • Only applies to US & Canada locations

The Delta portal says, “Enterprise charges a Frequent Traveler Surcharge in the US and Canada when renters choose to receive SkyMiles.” I booked a test rental and could not find the charge anywhere in the terms. I called Enterprise and they could not find it either. This is totally new for Enterprise so may not be fully set up or communicated to their agents.

Prior to this partnership, Enterprise did not award miles on rentals, instead you could:

None of these are extraordinarily lucrative so the decision comes down to what rewards you value and can use.

As always, compare to portals such as Costco, BJ’s, Capital One, Chase and Citi to verify if the rate is worth the rewards.

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7 years ago

This is dismal. Who books a car that way? Not long ago, one could just request frequent flyer miles from an airline by supplying the rental agreement number and the dates of the rental, plus one’s frequent flyer number. Now it’s a rigamarole to get even a single mile through these partners.


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