El Salvador & Honduras Weekend, photo album

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See El Salvador & Honduras Weekend parts 1 and 2 and the UNESCgo columns on El Salvador and Honduras.

The photo album with companion map is now up on flickr and Picasa. 44 pics, 1 video of kids turning UNESCO site Maya ruins into a slide, check them out!

El Salvador Honduras 029

[flickr video=6728158755]

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9 years ago

Good post. We’ve posted a similar El Salvador profile here: http://traveleam.ca/el-salvador-vacations-to-el-salvador-from-canada

Million Mile Secrets
10 years ago

Sandals and dark socks = Germans!

Rapid Travel Chai
10 years ago

@aadvantagegeek – El Salvador gets very little tourist traffic, what it does get is mostly surfers to the coast and hikers to the parks and coffee plantations to the west. I did see a handful of tourists in Suchitoto but unsure of nationality as not everyone is Canadian, making certain to display a national logo at all times. The white socks vs dark socks with shorts rule helps identify Americans and Europeans but all I recall are sandals!

Honduras had plenty of Americans and other nationalities both at Copan Ruins and the San Pedro Sula airport.

10 years ago

I loved the cobblestone square in Suchitoto. Did you run into many Americans there?