Chicago Halloween with travel nuts and one airline gets festive

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Chicago O’Hare’s hotels are being inflicted this weekend with a collection of the most rabid (and rapid) travelers and miles and points collectors for the modestly titled Chicago Seminars. At the spring New York event, The Rapid Traveler was encouraged to start this blog, and he looks forward to meeting friends new and old, and learning, learning, learning from the masters.

He flew in over lunch, and was not in the Delta Sky Club more than a minute before spying a FlyerTalk luggage tag and meeting two attendees, UpperDeck744 and gpapadop. What a fun community of passionate people doing all kinds of cool things in their life and travels. This will be an awesome weekend.

Any readers who are attending, let The Rapid Traveler know and let’s meet!

Halloween is approaching and it was fun to see AirTran break from bland corporateness at its ATL gates.  Each gate was different, here is one of the best.

AirTran HalloweenGood thing The Rapid Traveler could not remember which side of ATL’s C terminal the Sky Club is or he would not have seen this. It would be nice for infrequent visitors to ATL if Delta would put up signs for its Sky Clubs because most (especially the best ones) are quite well hidden. Not that he wants more people competing for the few newspapers, but better signage would help a lot of travelers.

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