Chai Digest: WWII rubber tanks, Apple’s $5b spaceship, the secret of a happy marriage, and more

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An Army of Ghosts: The Inflatable Rubber Tanks of WWII profiles US subterfuge on a mass scale, ahead of a PBS documentary, The Ghost Army, which airs May 21. Utterly facinating, and previously totally unknown to me. The US Army did not officially acknowledge this until 1995. (New Jersey Monthly)

Korean Air buys Czech Air in a SkyTeam odd couple. I like Korean Air, they do not bow and scrape, don’t pamper, but have a fashionable, formal flight experience. I have not yet flown Czech Air. (Wild About Travel)

Businessweek profiles Apple’s planned $5 billion new ‘spaceship’ headquarters and BBC’s Profile has a playful episode on star-reaching Jeff Bezos of Amazon.

Where Have All the Secretaries Gone? touches on executives whiling away hours doing their own travel bookings and expense reports. However high I may rise in corporate ranks, I will have a painful time giving up my travel booking, and woe to the person who has me backseat driving on that! (Businessweek)

BBC’s A Point of View has a delightful episode by Adam Gopnik on The Secret of a Happy Marriage.

The Australia ABC’s Correspondents Report has a fun segment on speaking with an Australian accent in the US.

A new Amsterdam – and a new Rijksmuseum (The Guardian)

Delta, Virgin look to challenge mighty BA-AA and an interview with Virgin Atlantic Airways CEO Craig Kreeger. (Travel Weekly)

Singapore’s MRT is trying to balance crowds with a new program of free rides for early bird commuters. (Channel NewsAsia)

The 10 Best gardens to visit in the UK. (The Independent)

A thought-provoking what-if, US Could Be World’s Most Populous Country. All the years I lived in China I never had a moment thinking, “It would be great if the US had as many people.” But the piece does make an outlandish contribution to the debate about what is an optimal immigrant inflow. (Yale Global)

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