Chai Digest February 9-15: Chernobyl roof collapse and the country without a capital

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Useful Cost-of-Living Data Don’t Come Cheap highlights that those reports are mostly bunk for everyone other than full package corporate expats who try to replicate their exact lifestyle anywhere in the world, with a generally US/Western Europe baseline. If you tour or live even somewhat like a local, these stats are not of much use. (WSJ)

Let them wear pants, Korea tells airline, Asiana’s female flight attendants can now wear pants, while I am not sure that Korean Air’s flight attendants enj0y passengers leering at their paint-on pants. (The Seattle Times)

Nauru: The Country Without a Capital. On my list, hard and expensive to visit. (Condé Nast Traveller)

Map: Countries That Require Paid Sick Days. The US has some interesting bedfellows. (Slate)

Chernobyl Roof Collapse: Netizens Ask “Are we F*cked?” I am looking at a trip there in April. (russiaSLAM)

A Record Low $30-A-Day for a Repositioning Cruise to Lisbon. (Frommer’s)

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