Beyond the barf bag, always have a sick comfort kit onboard

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It all seemed too quiet and easy as The Rapid Traveler flew of out NY last night despite Hurricane Irene.

Shortly after the dessert brownie he got the telltale aura of migraine onset. The rest of the flight and night was perfectly miserable, but slightly cushioned by always carrying a small medical and comfort kit whenever he flies, no matter how short the flight. In addition to the medical basics, which many people carry, comfort should not be underestimated in getting through a flight. Senses are heightened, so every too loud chattering captain, every shake of the plane, every beam of light can cause agony when ill.

This illustration makes aura seem like a trippy delight

Last Thanksgiving The Rapid Traveler flew from Paris to Atlanta suffering an appendicitis  (ignorantly thinking it an upset stomach prior to boarding) , and out to Johannesburg three days later, and clung to his comfort kit.

He carries:

  • Noise canceling headphones
  • Ear plugs
  • Sleeping mask, preferably the kind with raised eye pouches
  • Rectangular inflatable pillow, not the horseshoe kind, which in inflatable form with sharp edges have a tendency to garrote their wearers
  • Even if checking bags, always carry onboard some garment that can be draped as a blanket

For those who inexplicably wear flip flops, a proper pair of socks and shoes can do wonders for chills.

With his migraine last night, The Rapid Traveler put in ear plugs, put on eye mask and leaned against his trusty pillow. It was nice to land early, though only to be told that air traffic control was so shocked at an evening flight from NY arriving early that there was no free gate. Getting to his hotel was no fun.

Readers, what you carry to soothe you in a pinch?

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