Back-in parking: a business trip to the US South

The Rapid Traveler is down south again on business. Each trip he marvels at the parking habits of the denizens. Today, walking into a company parking lot, he saw these five exquisite examples of back-in, or reverse, parking. There are occasional articles about the advantages of back-in parking (see pieces in Slate and The Week). There are various initiatives around the country to encourage back-in parking.

Back in parkingGrowing up in Minnesota, about the only cars The Rapid Traveler saw parked with their snouts out were in shopping center parking lots where drivers pulled forward through an empty spot. Seeing a row of back-in parked cars always turns his head and today’s five deserve extra credit for navigating the angles to form a graceful curve. Had he tried to imitate, Avis would not have appreciated part of his car being left on that thick pillar.

So what areas of the US have the most prevalent back-in parking cultures? The Rapid Traveler has heard votes for the several southern states and Texas.

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Million Mile Secrets

@Matt D – Sorry. But after driving in India, I can reverse against traffic on a busy street and back-in park my car in a spot meant for a bike!

Matt D

The real back-in experts live and drive in Europe. After a year in Spain, I can reverse through the front door of your house and back-in park in your living room.


This made me laugh! My husband prefers backing into a parking space. In fact, I tease him that he would DRIVE in reverse if it were legal! (We’re in Tx, btw.)


I am sometimes disturbed by seeing cars parked back-in inside parking structures. Guys that cant’ read signs?
Of course, owners of parking garages want people to park front-in. Otherwise, the exhaustion fumes hit the wall …


What’s so special about this? It’s far easier to back into a very tight spot than to go forwards as the steering wheels at the rear give far greater manoeuvrability.


I want to see you guys drive in nyc and park as well while theres speeding cars heading your way. Lol.


Seattle requires back-in parking on certain streets. I don’t mind it and don’t find it particularly difficult, but the problem is they require back-in parking at an angle with no spacing stripes. When you are arbitrarily parking with no guides whatsoever, it is incredibly frustrating.

I wish people would just pay attention as they back out.


I’m in Wichita, KS for work this week. There is actually a sign in the parking garage here saying is it illegal to back in park.